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Healthcare Facilities and Hospitals

Communication in the healthcare industry is often complex and rich with specialized terminology. Consequently, it is important that medical staff and patients alike are able to communicate clearly and without error. A medically certified interpreter is the only option to guarantee that both parties can converse (and be understood) easily and accurately. At Interpreters Unlimited, we have an extensive network of experienced medical interpreters that have been trained in medical terminology and industry-specific topics.
IU's list of medical clientele includes:


•  AIG Healthcare

•  Anaheim Hospital

•  Fremont Hospital

•  Huntington Hospital

•  Kaiser Permanente

•  Long Beach Memorial

•  Scripps Hospital

•  Sharp Cabrillo Hospital

•  Stanford University Hospital

•  UCSD Hospital

•  US Navy Medical Center


Our Language Services

  Sign Language Interpretation,   Spanish Interpretation,   Document Translation,   In-Person Interpretation,   Telephone Interpretation,   Video Remote Interpretation,