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Spanish Interpreters & Translators


Interpreters Unlimited specializes in providing translation and interpretation services to the Latino and Spanish speaking population in the Washington DC area and all of Maryland. We have dozens of local interpreters who are able to provide local, in-person services anywhere in the state and through our national network we can connect you to a remote interpreter at a moment’s notice for over the phone or video-conferencing language services. In addition to being experienced, qualified, and/or certified, our Spanish translators and interpreters are familiar with the different cultures and language variations in Spanish speaking countries and can ensure precise interpretation of meaning and intent as well as literal translation. Based on the type of interpretation assignment, we match the client with a Spanish interpreter that has the required skills, experience, and certifications (if applicable) for the appointment. We currently offer the following Spanish translation and interpretation services:

Interpreters Unlimited has years of experience providing language services throughout the United States and have been providing Spanish translation and interpretation services to some of the largest organizations in Washington DC including the federal government. Whether you need an in-person interpreter for a medical appointment, a telephone interpreter for a conference call, or if you have marketing materials that you need to translate into Spanish, IU has the resources and experience to deliver superior language services. Our Spanish interpreters and translators undergo an in-house qualification process to ensure that they are capable of providing accurate interpretation services.

IU has been selected to interpret or translate for a wide range of scenarios and materials. Some examples are:

           ♦ Translating an employee handbook into Spanish
           ♦ Providing Spanish telephone interpretation over the phone for healthcare facilities
           ♦ Having a simultaneous Spanish interpreter at a conference to facilitate communication
           ♦ Offering video remote interpretation the client(s) can see the interpreter during the conversation


If you need Spanish translation or interpretation services anywhere in the Washington DC area or Maryland state call us now on(800) 260-2554 Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm EST or contact us online.


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