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Government Agencies

Interpreters Unlimited has accrued a substantial amount of experience working with state and federal agencies- this particular specialty accounts for 60% of our business. From sign language interpreters to Spanish translation, IU is fully-capable of meeting the language service needs of government agencies across the nation.


In recent years, the US population has experienced a substantial influx of immigrants who do not speak English. Many individuals with limited English proficiency often rely on family and friends that to interpret for them, which often results in miscommunication due to errors or incomplete interpretation. We have extensive experience working with governmental agencies, including providing ASL interpretation for President Obama.


Interpreters Unlimited's client list of government agencies includes (but is not limited to):


        ♦     State of Maryland

        ♦     City of New York

        ♦     State of Delaware

        ♦     Commonwealth of Virginia

        ♦     California Department of Corrections

        ♦     City of Los Angeles

        ♦     US Postal Service

        ♦     County of Sacramento

        ♦     US Department of Labor

        ♦     County of San Diego

        ♦     US Coast Guard


If you are a county, city, state, or federal government agency that requires interpretation or translation services, contact us today.

Our Language Services

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