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Washington and Baltimore Translation and Interpreter Services

Interpreters Unlimited services the Midatlantic area with a wide range of language translation and in-person interpreter services in languages such as Spanish, Korean, Russian, French and Arabic, just to name a few. The east coast is rich with culture and history. Our interpreters are well versed in the diverse culture of the area and apply that knowledge to each and every interpreting service and translation project they do. We offer professional translation services and in-person language interpretation services. We also provide telephone interpretation which is available toll-free 24/7.


Interpreters Unlimited has an expansive network of Sign Language interpreters throughout the greater Maryland area including Washington DC; we prefer working with ASL interpreters that have been certified by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID).


Midatlantic Interpreters and Professional Translating Services

Legal Proceedings and Private Law Firms

– Interpreters Unlimited assists Midatlantic lawyers and other legal professionals by providing Spanish translation services, Spanish interpreters, American Sign Language interpretation for legal interpretation, and other language services. Our language interpreters have experience interpreting in court hearings, mediations, depositions, interviews, consultations and other legal matters.

Corporate Translation Services

– Interpreters Unlimited provides professional translation and localization services for small to large sized businesses in the Midatlantic area. Corporations find it advantageous to work with IU because we offer interpretation in 130+ languages and dialects; we provide not only in-person interpretation but also telephone interpreting services via our toll free number which is available 24/7 with no minimal usage fee.

Medical Translating Services & Healthcare Facility Interpreter Services

– Only a professional medical language interpreter can accurately assist patients and healthcare professionals to communicate when language creates a barrier. Interpreters Unlimited provides medical translations and medical language interpreters for large hospital facilities, rehabilitation centers, behavioral clinics, urgent care, and private physician offices. Contact Interpreters Unlimited today to learn more about how we can help patients with limited English proficiency fully understand their health condition, needs, and recommended treatment.

Academic Interpretation

– Interpreters Unlimited has been servicing school districts with in-person interpreters and professional translation services for over 43 years. These services include in-person interpretation for languages including Spanish, Korean, Chinese and Arabic. We also offer Sign Language interpreting services for students, parents, and staff who are either hard of hearing or hearing impaired.


To learn more about Interpreters Unlimited and the interpreter and translation services that we offer on the east coast, send us a message or contact the IU Midatlantic office at 800.260.2554.

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