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Who We Are

Interpreters Unlimited Midatlantic office is the newest addition to IU’s growing national presence. In 1970, Interpreters Unlimited was established with the mission to provide language services nationwide. More than 40 years later, the IU database is currently comprised of over 8,000 language experts across the country offering interpretation and translation services in 130+ languages. Our expansive network of language experts and accurate, on-time service have propelled IU to the forefront of a growing industry. In 2012, Interpreters Unlimited was named one of the top 20 largest language providers in the country.


In 2013, Interpreters Unlimited Midatlantic was opened to provide increased support and services for the quickly growing client base in this area. Located in Columbia, Maryland the office is conveniently located between Baltimore and Washington D.C.


What We Do

With over 40 years of experience, IU is currently one of the oldest language service providers in the industry. Interpreters Unlimited is a full service language agency that provides all forms of interpretation and translation service. Our service offerings include in-person interpretation, document translation, telephone interpretation, video remote interpretation, and sign language interpretation in over 130 languages.


Our Clients

Our list of clientele spans a wide range of industries. While there is an existing need for interpretation and translation services in every industry, Interpreters Unlimited has developed specific areas of expertise that include the healthcare, academic, corporate, insurance, government, and legal fields.

Our Language Services

  Sign Language Interpretation,   Spanish Interpretation,   Document Translation,   In-Person Interpretation,   Telephone Interpretation,   Video Remote Interpretation,